Monday, August 1, 2011

The Haunting of WNIN Paranormal Convention

W.I.P.S. will be attending the 2nd Annual Haunting at WNIN Paranormal Convention on October 15, and W.I.P.S. Co-Founder Erik McCandless will join S.I.P.I. in conducting the overnight investigation of the Historic Willard Carpenter House in downtown Evansville.  Willard Carpenter is famous for his founding of Willard Library, but his own home is said to be more haunted than the library itself.  Come out and meet the W.I.P.S. team, talk to some investigators, and get your ghost on.  For more info, call 812-423-2973, or contact Bill Miller via Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators.

Waverly Hills

W.I.P.S. members Erik, Nathan, Matt, and Anthony will accompany S.I.P.I. to the Waverly Hills Sanitorium on August 31, 2011 for an overnight investigation by invitation of Bill Miller.  We are hoping to procure some new equipment and cameras before the investigation.  Be on the lookout for evidence and footage from this investigation in September!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Local Residence

This photo was taken at a local residence.  WIPS has visited this residence multiple times over the past two years.  The homeowner complained of being touched, feeling uneasy, feeling sick always, never feeling comfortable leaving the home, being cut and scratched, smelling sulfur and other vile things, hearing noises, and, of course, images in all of her photographs.  WIPS has conducted multiple overnight investigations resulting in some video and photographic evidence along with personal experiences.  There is history to the house and the family that cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality.  However, we can say that WIPS had the house tested by the fire department.  Passed for water, air, radon, everything.  The house was clean.  It was also noted that some of the firefighters got suddenly sick when they entered the home.  WIPS has gone to higher authorities on such subjects to seek help for the homeowners in their ongoing case.

More photographs can be viewed in the PHOTO tab.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lincoln Pioneer Village

The Lincoln Pioneer Village was constructed during the period from 1935 to 1937 with government funds by the Works Projects Administration. This memorial to Abraham Lincoln’s 14 formative years (1816-1830) spent in Spencer County consists primarily of structures and other artifacts which represent the life and times of Lincoln, his pioneer neighbors and friends.

After reviewing the evidence from Lincoln Pioneer Village we have come to the conclusion that there are things there that cannot be explained. We have found several dissembodied voices along with several noises that can't be explained. Check the EVPs section for all voice phenomena that we have found. We didn't catch anything on video, but there was one photograph captured of a blue mist. We do think that this location is experiencing paranormal phenomena, but we think that they are just spirits that have attached themselves to items or the cabins. We don't think they are harmful in any way, and we encourage everyone to check out the museum because it is extremely interesting.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Black Moon Manor Investigation

Black Moon Manor

Built in 1862 by John C. Eastes, Black Moon Manor was the first house constructed in Hancock County, Indiana. Since that time, it has had a strange and often frightening history. Used as a smallpox hospital during a local outbreak, legend tells of more than 200 people who died within the walls of the house. The dead were buried behind the mansion and many of the tombstones still stand in this small cemetery today, along with that of a woman who froze to death in a blizzard and others. The mansion also became a dark place for the Eastes family. Many of them died early, tragic and unexpected deaths while living in the house.

WIPS held an investigation at Black Moon Manor on August 17th with another team known as SIPI (Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigations). We haven't had a chance to go through every piece of evidence yet, but from what we have gone through and the experience we had there, it's hard to say if we think it's haunted or not. The building itself does have a creep factor and the man that owns it is turning the building into a haunted house. SIPI caught a couple of EVPs, and we have identified possible audio as well. During these EVPs though there is a generator running and people talking in the background so we won't be giving them any credit. Our own opinion is that it may be a residual haunting, but we didn't experience any of it firsthand. We will let you know soon if we do find anything else.